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Our Products


For a stronger joint on high-tensile and PVC belting.
Plategrip »
Hinged Plategrip »


Improves installation on synthetic high-strength belts.
Riv-Nail »


Operates smoothly over slider bed and troughing applications.
Staplegrip »
Preset Staplegrip »


Provides a strong splice on transmission and light belts.
Steelgrip »

Welcome to CAI, your home for innovative
conveyor belt fasteners and tools.

Bringing value through leading-edge products and personal service, we design and produce durable, high-performing conveyor belt fasteners and timesaving tools in America's heartland. Continuously manufactured to the most exacting levels of quality, our conveyor belt fasteners are used for applications around the world.
No matter how demanding the environment, CAI is your strongest link.