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Ideally suited for high-speed, heavy-duty applications, Flexgrip can be used for round belts of leather, urethane, or rubber type compounds. Flexgrip couplings are internally threaded and screw on to belt ends, eliminating the punching of holes necessary with other methods. One end is “closed” and the other is “open.”


The design facilitates easy installation and precise adjustment of belt tension. Flexgrip couplings can be used on belts from 3/16" (4.5mm) to 1/2" (12.5mm). First, determine the size specifications. Then, click on the Products link below to view the complete Flexgrip product line.


Belt Couplings Specifications

Belt diameter
in inches
Belt diameter
in mm.
3/16" 5 3/16
1/4" 7 1/4
5/16" 8 5/16
3/8" 10 3/8
7/16" 12 7/16

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